Zeek Takes On The Realms

The Story So Far

Five adventurers from different parts of the world for different reasons found themselves together a fateful night when an agent of Cormyr approached them with a proposition. If they agreed to travel to the town of Arabel to find out why communication had been cut off with the capital, they would be granted an Adventurer’s Company license and no longer be tracked by the Purple Dragons who ensure that armed parties don’t go around creating havoc.

So they made the journey, and stopped a man named Donovan in the middle of a ritual to sanctify a new temple of Shar that would drape the town in perpetual shadow. He unfortunately escaped. The dark spirit everyone had thought was the culprit turned out to be the good Sir Severin, who remains at large as well.

While working to rebuild the temple into one devoted to Amaunator, they discovered the source of the power that would have fueled the shadow veil. A shrine to an ancient God of Corruption was located directly beneath. It was quickly cleansed.

As a reward, the party was given a floor of the building adjoining the temple by the Sunlord Anton. It was here that Sir Severin returned to inform them of a upswell of goblin activity that was threatening trade to the town. Upon investigation, the culprit was a hobgoblin mage who had taken control of a local tribe of peaceful goblins with the help of a magic staff provided by none other than Donovan himself.

In the throne room of the goblin’s ruined keep, the party discovered the weapons of the ancient hero Galain. Galain was a member of an adventuring party who fought the Shadovar long ago along with the gnome wizard Elzabeth, the elf ranger Whisper, and the dragonborn warlord Rholo.

A bad case of filth fever contracted in the fight to cleanse the temple had by now taken hold, and the party was obliged to stop their investigations and travel on a favor for the Sunlord in payment for a cure. In the distant town of Thesk, they stopped the rulers of Thay from making of with the Radiant Vessel of prophecy. The Vessel turned out to be a Favored Soul of Amauntor whose power passed from mother to daughter. However, while Thay was denied the control of the child, so was the temple, as in spite of a ill-thought DM fiat the child and mother did in fact both die in childbirth.

Things continued to look bleak for the party as they investigated the sporadic appearance of an evil temple in the nearby woods. For while the party was able to keep the Shadovar from pulling the building from the Shadowfell in to the real world permanently, two of their members were lost. The temple returned to the plane of shadow with them still inside.

In the shadow plane, the separated party met up with the kind of mysterious stranger nobody really wants to meet. Cryptic warnings and a magical sword were exchanged.

In the hopes of reuniting with them, if they were still alive, the remainder of the party traveled to the town of Suzail, where whole parts of the city were perpetually half in the Shadowfell and half in the real world. In the heart of an old mansion with reality bending around them, they managed to pull the two lost comrades back in to the world of sunlight, and they retreated back to their home in Arabel.

Will the party recover their nerve in time to find out what is behind Donovan’s plan the mysterious stranger alluded to? Will they manage to stop it, or will shadow spread out over Arabel once again?


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